Mercer Museums

Mercer Museums day trip for JSPCA
Doylestown, PA – July 15th

First off it’s actually 3 sites: Fonthill Castle, the Monrovian Pottery and Tile Works, and the Mercer Museum.  The first two are at the same place, and the Mercer Museum is about 1 ½ miles away.

From their website the Fonthill Castle was ….

      “Built between 1908-1912, it was the home of Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930). Archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramist, scholar and antiquarian, Mercer built Fonthill both as his home and as a showplace for his collection of tiles and prints. The first of three Mercer buildings in Doylestown, Fonthill served as a showplace for Mercer’s famed Moravian tiles that were produced during the American Arts & Crafts Movement. Designed by Mercer, the building is an eclectic mix of Medieval, Gothic, and Byzantine architectural styles, and is significant as an early example of poured reinforced concrete.”

Again, from their website … The Mercer Museum ….

     “The Mercer Museum is a history museum of everyday life in America during the 18th and 19th centuries. Henry Mercer (1856-1930) gathered the collection and constructed the Museum. The collection of some 40,000 objects documents the lives and tasks of early Americans through the tools that met their needs and wants prior to the Industrial Revolution, or about 1850. Visitors can choose their own paths through the Museum. Most of the 55 exhibit rooms and alcoves display the tools or products of an early American craft, trade or occupation. Other rooms show categories of objects such as lighting devices or architectural hardware.”

Time wise … the Fonthill Castle tour takes about an hour. If one skips the tile works it would then be about 25 min to relocate to the Mercer Museum where one could spend about an hour and a half (it’s multiple floors).

  • July 15 @ 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm

Drag Strip Memories

Join several drag racers, mechanics and engine builders as they remember the action and atmosphere of local drag strips in the 1950s and 1960s.  Guests are encouraged to bring their own memorabilia and stories to share.