Liberty State Park

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

There is always something to do right in your own back yard and this should be one of the more interesting ones. On April 27th the club is planning an afternoon of sightseeing and history followed by dinner at one of Newark’s authentic ethnic restaurants (we’ll keep you guessing for now as to which one).
The plan is to rendezvous after lunch at the CCRNJ Terminal located at 1 Audrey Zapp Drive in Liberty State Park. From there, we’ll ferry across New York Bay to Liberty Island for a quick stopover and picture taking before continuing on to the main attraction which is the 90 minute guided “Hard Hat Tour” on Ellis Island. Included is a visit to the unrestored Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital Complex. Once back on terra firma, after our third ferry ride of the day and assuming the fresh air has stirred up our appetites, we’ll drive directly to dinner.
More details will follow. During the interim, please RSVP to Brian O”Sullivan at as a headcount is needed for dinner reservations.